Christine Dumont is a contemporary jewellery artist and international instructor in the art of polymer clay. Her degree in Computer Science from University of Guelph, Canada and Masters in Cognitive Science from University of Birmingham, UK have been very instrumental in her personal approach to tapping into creativity in her own work as well as her students.

In 2010 Christine created Voila!, an influential polymer design website that brought professionals and beginners together in a unique online format. Voila is the first platform to focus on the importance of good design practice within the polymer community. By offering a thoughtful balance of practical, technical information with more in depth discussion concerning emotional and aesthetic choice, Voila! became a ‘go to’ site for artists wishing to raise the bar in their own work. Using her background in Cognitive Science, Christine created a unique critique system that focused primarily on the strengths of participant’s works while tactfully guiding them to reach higher for the best possible outcome.


Donna Greenberg is a classically trained artist , creating fine painting, objet d’art and jewelry as well as interior design since receiving a BFA from Pratt Institute, Brooklyn, NY, in 1974.

Prior to working in polymer she was a master decorative painter for 25 years in her own professional company for large scale Mural painting and Faux Finishes. Along with creating original on sight murals for homes and businesses, Donna trained scores of artists over the years in the aesthetics and technical practice of painting and designing large scale murals and wall finishes. While managing a company with 12-15 co-artists on a site , Donna developed a key arts language for maintaining a good flow of information between artists and breaking down large works into manageable steps which were necessary for the multiple artists to create unity and well integrated works.

When not in her studio, Donna travels globally as an instructor and writer on the art of polymer for various publications. She is a partner with Christine Dumont in the groundbreaking online polymer ‘Creativity Course’ for Voila!. Most recently her work has been featured in Polymer Journeys 2019 and she has received 1st place award in the IPCA mixed media competition, as well as being represented by a number of art galleries in the US.