La Bastide des Joncas

BREAKTHROUGH 2020 - La Couronne (near Martigues)

Southern France

23-27 September 2020

BREAKTHROUGH 2020 France is held at La Bastide Des Joncas at La Couronne, near Martigues, just a few minutes’ walk from that stunning stretch of Mediterranean shore called The Côte Bleue. The coastal landscape is scalloped by sheltered coves edged by limestone. Cap Couronne abounds in molasse quarries, a pink stone exploited since antiquity, and used by the Romans to build Marseille's distinctive walls and monuments.

One of the many coves on La Côte Bleue


The pricing involves two separate amounts, one for the retreat and one for your room reservation at The Bastide des Joncas. The room reservation is arrived at separately to allow you to choose the arrangements best suited to your preferences.

1) Pricing for the Retreat

The fee for the retreat is 627 €. This fee includes the following:

    • instructions, discussions and intensive, practical activities with two artists of international reputation having extensive experience running personal creative development classes (see Bios here),
    • a 5-day programme, carefully designed to establish positive growth and improvement in your personal practice,
    • refreshments and snacks throughout the day,
    • English to French and French to English translators,
    • one-on-one to discuss your work or ideas,
    • special materials needed for Christine and Donna's classes,
    • polymer clay.

The retreat is held in a spacious conference room set out for our purpose. In addition the hotel amenities include a large natural park (1.5 hectare) where you can relax.

2) Pricing for your room reservation

La Bastide des Joncas offers several options listed below. Click on the image for additional information on the Bastide's website. The quoted price includes breakfast.

Contact us if you prefer to book your own accommodation at a gite or B&B nearby.


Single Occupancy: 71.40 € (per pers. per night) *
Double Occupancy: 43.90 € (per pers. per night) * Please note: the beds can be split
* includes breakfast


Single Occupancy: 51.40 € (per pers. per night) *
Double Occupancy: 33.90 € (per pers. per night) *
* includes breakfast

3) Meals

The fee does not include lunch and dinner so that you have the flexibility to make your own arrangements. The hotel has a restaurant and there are a number of restaurants, pizzerias, boulangeries and wine bars for you to explore.



If you are rooming at La Bastide des Joncas:

  • the first payment for the retreat is 100 €, due immediately,
  • the first 50% of your room reservation costs is due by 1st April 2020. The reservation costs will vary according to your choice of room, number of nights you wish to stay and whether you are sharing a room. Our Registration Bulletin helps you assess your room reservation costs in a few simple steps,
  • a payment of 527 € covering the remainder of the retreat cost AND the second 50% of your room reservation costs is due on or before 1st July 2020.

If you are not rooming at La Bastide des Joncas:

  • the first payment for the retreat is 100 €, due immediately,
  • a final payment of  527 €  must be received on or before 1st July 2020.

If you'd like to spread out your payments over additional installments, please contact us.

Book early as the registration is limited to 30 participants.


We are working to obtain the status of "Organisme de Formation". If you have a French Siret, you would be able to claim some or all of your expenses back depending on your professional status.


  • Now: first retreat payment (100 €)  due
  • 1st April 2020: 50% room reservation costs payment due if rooming at La Bastide des Joncas
  • 1st April 2020: deadline to register
  • 1st June 2020: confirmation by organisers on decision to hold the retreat based on the number of registrations to date
  • 1st July 2020: second retreat payment (527 €) due
  • 1st July 2020: 50% room reservation costs payment due if rooming at La Bastide des Joncas


Your first payment of 100 € is refundable within 30 days of payment. Any bank charges incurred will be deducted. Past this date, your payment will not be refundable, so make sure you can attend.

Your payments covering your room reservations are not refundable because of our obligation to La Bastide des Joncas.

If you are unable to attend at the last minute, you may transfer your registration to another person.

Please get in touch if there are exceptional circumstances.

A minimum of 20 participants is required for the retreat to be held. For your information, a decision on this will be made 1st June 2020. We might then decide to extend the registration deadline with full payment being required by 1st July 2020.

If BREAKTHROUGH2020 cancel the Retreat, your money will be fully refunded. So please talk up the retreat; it will be great!


Click on the link below to request a Registration Bulletin without commitment on your part.


Why not bring a friend along and/or stay a few extra days? There is plenty to do around in the area.

Discover Martigues, the Venice of Provence:

Explore La Côte Bleue (walking distance from La Bastide des Joncas):

Take a trip to Marseille:

Image 1: Carriere de la Beaumaderie. Image 2: Beach, walking distance from La Bastide des Joncas. Photo: Jan Riordan


La Bastide des Joncas is located in La Couronne, 25 minutes' drive from Marseille's Airport - Marignane - with direct flights to and from many international airports including Montreal and London. See the full list of flights here:

La Couronne has a train station with access to and from Marseille-St-Charles (49 minutes), Marseille Arenc–Euroméditerranée (43 minutes), Martigues (7 minutes), Aix-en-Provence (1h 53 minutes), Avignon (1h 27 minutes), and Paris (4h 41 minutes). For more info: