I am planning a new class later this year (2021). Contact me or subscribe to the waiting list to be notified of the date. Meanwhile do read the information below as all sessions follow the same format.

Before you pay, make sure you can view the video above. It is a silent video.

Cost: €150

The course is full. Fill out this Contact Form to let me know of your interest in participating in a future session.


One of the great benefits of online learning is that you can explore the offered techniques at your own pace. It is with this objective in mind that I have structured this course.

Spanning three weeks, the course gives you time to absorb the material at times that suit you and indulge in the joy of experimenting, and above all, of going further. All of these things are difficult in a face-to-face workshop where we are limited by time.

In order to better guide you in your exploration, I have developed very detailed course materials in the form of PDFs, with from time to time video clips to illustrate more complex manipulations. So you won’t have to spend long hours watching videos before you can get down to business.

To continue to guide you during these three weeks, I will be there to answer your questions in a secret group on FB. You will be able to post your images, ask questions, and share your achievements with the other participants. This secret group will be open for the duration of the course. The material however will remain available to you on a permanent basis.

The course includes two interactive live moments. These will be moments of conviviality as well as moments of learning. We will use the zoom platform for our interactive exchanges. The sessions will be recorded so that you can refer to them if you couldn’t attend

Here are more details on how the course will be run:

Sunday January 10th, 2021 09:00-12:00 EST: Launch of the course on Zoom

09:00 Zoom session starts, coiffed or not, but coffee in hand. We start with a little chatter as it’s important to catch up with old friends and welcome new ones.

09:15 We get down to business! I’ll introduce you to the course, explain how it is organised and provide you access to the course materials.

You then unpack your things and start working.

10:30 Coffee break

11:00 Back to work!

12:00 Zoom Session closes.

Sunday January 17th: NO Zoom session planned

I release the second instalment of the course. There is no zoom session scheduled for this day unless you ask me to.

Sunday 24th, 09:00-12:00: Interactive Zoom session. Focus on Construction and Assembly

09:00 Zoom Session starts

9:15 I answer questions of general interest you have asked during the previous two weeks.

I demonstrate:

– how to compose your own template shapes;

– how to find solutions to assemble the many veneers that you will have created during the previous two weeks.

10:30 Coffee break and entertainment.

11:00 Back to work!

12:00 Zoom Session closes.

Visit the homepage for a full course description and do check out the many veneer examples you will discover during this lesson.

You will receive the list after you purchase the course. The good news is that you will already have at home most of the required items on the list. In any case, they are easily accessible, including the metal. 

When you purchase this course you agree to the following:

  • You have permission to sell work using the techniques taught in this course and are encouraged to create your own designs.
  • This website and its content are copyright Christine Dumont@Christine Dumont, 2021. All rights reserved. You do not have permission to redistribute or reproduce part or all of the contents in any form other than the following:
    • you may, for your personal and non-commercial use only, print or download to a local device only the pdfs that are part of a tutorial you have purchased;
    • you may not, except with our express written permission, distribute or commercially exploit the content.