Tutorial Description

In this video-tutorial, Sonya teaches you the secret of her decorative techniques. She shows you how to evolve a seemingly simple pattern such as a 5-lobed flower in a small work of art by helping you discover how clay, pastels and colour interact to produce unique and distinctive results. Drawing free hand can feel very liberating. With a little practice under Sonya’s careful guidance, you will quickly establish a direct connection with the clay and develop an instinct for what works. Be amazed at your results! Tutorial Plan
Track 1: Introduction
Get introduced to the course and learn some tips to maximise your enjoyment of this tutorial
Track 2: Decorate a sheet of clay
Learn to use pastels and ink to decorate a sheet of clay and evolve a simple motif into an accomplished design
Track 3: Make the Frontplate
Turn your decorated sheet into a Frontplate
Track 4: Make the Backplate
Use your newly acquired skills to make a decorated backdrop for your pendant
Track 5: Assemble the plates
Assemble the two plates with design in mind
Track 6: Make a Bail
Learn to make a low-profile bail to ensure your pendant sits gracefully on your body
Track 7: Inspiration
Peruse Sonya’s collection of pieces and get inspiration for your own designs

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exclam over 45 minutes of step-by-step filming
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exclamonline support and guidance from Sonya
Please note: The videos are spoken in English This project requires some experience with polymer clay.