Tutorial Description

In this video-tutorial, Sonya teaches you the secret of her decorative techniques. She shows you how to evolve a seemingly simple pattern such as a 5-lobed flower in a small work of art by helping you discover how clay, pastels and colour interact to produce unique and distinctive results. Drawing free hand can feel very liberating. With a little practice under Sonya’s careful guidance, you will quickly establish a direct connection with the clay and develop an instinct for what works. Be amazed at your results! Tutorial Plan
Track 1: Introduction
Get introduced to the course and learn some tips to maximise your enjoyment of this tutorial
Track 2: Decorate a sheet of clay
Learn to use pastels and ink to decorate a sheet of clay and evolve a simple motif into an accomplished design
Track 3: Make the Frontplate
Turn your decorated sheet into a Frontplate
Track 4: Make the Backplate
Use your newly acquired skills to make a decorated backdrop for your pendant
Track 5: Assemble the plates
Assemble the two plates with design in mind
Track 6: Make a Bail
Learn to make a low-profile bail to ensure your pendant sits gracefully on your body
Track 7: Inspiration
Peruse Sonya’s collection of pieces and get inspiration for your own designs
In addition to your basic polymer clay equipment, you will need:
  • alcohol inks
  • dry pastels
  • FIMO semi-gloss varnish
  • fine, permanent black-marker
  • textured fabrics readily available in any fabric store or in your cupboards
  • a half-sphere mould
Sonya Girodon is a highly committed designer-maker famous for her spontaneous sense of design, abundant imagination and playful arrangements.In her day job, she puts her linguistic skills to work at an international research insitute in Grenoble. To have Sonya on Voila! is a privilege given her busy schedule. This course provides a rare opportunity to get inside her creative processes and should not be missed.
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Please note: The videos are spoken in English This project requires some experience with polymer clay.