A five-day, intensive, creative retreat

with Christine Dumont and Donna Greenberg

"Your personal creative development is our reputation"

Our 5-day creative retreat is designed to help you ‘work happy’. Working happy means connecting deeply with what gives you joy. It also means identifying what is destructive to your practice, then take concrete steps to remove it. This Retreat will enable you to assert, through its programme of sessions, your personal style while expanding your polymer potential with fresh approaches to defining your creative goals.

Barolo, Italy and La Couronne, (near Martigues), France are truly unique environments that have been carefully chosen to ignite your adventurous spirit. Immerse your muse in one of these two glorious venues with Christine and Donna. The same programme is offered at both locations.

Work by Christine Dumont

The retreats are suitable to artists at any stage of their journey.

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Work by Donna Greenberg


What you get from the retreat :

  • discover the value and power of working happy,
  • explore new, polymer compatible materials and processes to expand your artistic practice,
  • strengthen your observational skills within an extraordinary environment,
  • connect with like-minded artists,
  • discuss your work and ideas in one-on-ones.

Retreat Programme

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Work by Voila!'s International Creative Design Alumni

Sabine Spiesser (Australia)

Every year has at least one highlight in my creative life and that's another Creative Design Class on Voila!. It is something I truly look forward to all year. I love the way I am challenged and dragged out of my comfort zone, the camaraderie among the students and most of all Donna and Christine's dedication to take us on such an amazing and positive journey. I keep referring back to the class material when I am stuck and always find new tidbits I may have overlooked at another time.

Celine Benisti (France)

I "let go" artistically speaking! I let loose and had fun! I had been immersed in the Voila! course during the week and then this brooch was born one evening !!!"

Jo Roseborough (USA)

My biggest take away from the course was to slow down, take time to really think about my composition, balance and construction methods. I also felt the freedom to be playful and explore shapes and inspiration from nature in a new way. The course was well-designed and presented by two of my favorite polymer artists. I'm very grateful for the opportunity to learn from them.

Phyllis Polema Cahill (USA)

Christine and Donna are the best teaching team ever. I’ve taken two of their online jewelry design classes and each one has helped my design abilities grow by leaps and bounds. They make me think and gently push me to a new level. I can’t wait for their next class. If you apply yourself and do the work, you’ll see the benefits, too!