Genesis: The Results!

I am excited to present this exhibition showcasing works made by the Genesis participants during the course.

The objective of this four-month creativity course was to help participants find a place where to get in touch with their creative ideas, and systematically and effectively grow them into an original body of work. The full course description is provided here and testimonials here.

Congratulations to all the participants for their courage and contributions to the course. A special thank you to Donna Greenberg and Maggie Maggio for helping me run the course. Christine Dumont

Sabine Spiesser - Level: Proficient - Work in Progress

Angela Guertel - Level: Intermediate - Mokume Gane: Re-thinking the Inro


Angela Garrod - Level: Proficient - Shape/ Line Studies

Sonya Girodon - Level: Proficient - necklaces
Christine Dumont - Level: Proficient - Line Study - Brooches

Luisa Heaton - Level: Beginner

Connie Brocksted - Level: Proficient - Brooches

Page McNall - Level: Proficient

Tunde - Level: Intermediate
Zoie Holzknecht - Level: Beginner

Maria Eva Ramos - Level: Intermediate

Claire Maunsell - Level: Proficient

Lee O'Connor - Level: Intermediate

Katarina Mravcova - Level: Intermediate

Dagmar Kukuckova - Level: Beginner - Beads

Rebecca Watkins - Level: Proficient

Jody Abramson - Level: Beginner

Eileen Evans - Level: Intermediate - Line Studies

Carrie Harvey - Level: Intermediate