Testimonials for the Creativity Course 2015: Genesis

It is really great to just grab the new found confidence and work through all the different stages. I think it will take a while for everything I learnt to sink in completely, but I notice an incredible sense of freedom and curiosity when tackling a new project. I have the urge to to play and take chances. I will be forever grateful for this opportunity and the generosity of all involved.

First of all, Voila showed me how to THINK!

Thank you for the course itself, your valuable feedback, and selfishly, for leading me to a new place in my process and artistic identity. It was an extraordinary experience, and I've been emboldened by it to step out of the polymer shadows, and feel I am finally on solid artistic footing. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

For me, besides all of the wonderful encouragement and gentle critiques, one of the best things I will take with me from the course is something I knew in my head, but now I know in my heart: I have the courage to push on through the rough spots knowing there is gold up ahead even if I can’t see it yet.

Thanks to everyone involved with this course, I have learnt so much about art, creativity and myself.

For me one of the most important outcomes has been to be able to identify my shortcomings – In the past I have I spent too much time in my head thinking about everything – instead of doing. I think this stemmed from a lack of confidence in my work, fear to venture…… but this has changed recently, I like what I do. Again I thank the Course for this change.

I’m absolutely blown away by the wonderful pieces everyone’s made – what a fantastic course to inspire such incredible work!

Testimonials for the Creativity Course 2012: Ways To Wow

The WoW is right here!

I have learned so much with this class. Christine is an amazing teacher and all of you are so thoughtful and kind.

My hope was to find "my own" style - and this is what I found with your help Christine, and with the support of this lovely bunch of artists here.

I have just been taking another and closer look at all the work produced in the course. What I am struck by is how the medium of polymer clay has been used by all of you in a way that goes beyond the techniques.

The most important thing is how much I've learned about working through the creative process in this course.

I'm just a beginner in the world of clay, but I'm really happy that I participated in this course, it changed not only my way of making clay pieces, the way to imagine, to construct, to choose the colors and EMOTIONS, but also the way to exploring and understanding the work of other artists. A huge amount of information and EMOTIONS! I definitely will be going back and study again and again the course materials! Thank you Christine! Your help was inestimable!

It was a real opportunity to study on this course at the beginning of my journey with clay and the honor to be in the company of enthusiastic artists. We can find a lot of tutorials in the internet, but this course is a totally different kind of education - it is an inspiration.

Thank you Christine, really thank you for your generosity, sharing, commitment, your comments and your incitement, you really are a special person and although I've never met you, shines out of your way to respond and have passion for help others to pull out something from them.

Just wanted to share this new thing I've discovered about working with polymer clay through this course: Before I would jump from one necklace to another, from one style to another, constantly looking for techniques I have not yet tried etc etc. Now I take my time to really explore one style, or technique or colour (for the moment it's white )and try all possible combinations with it. This way I learn more about the specific style, technique or colour than if I were just greedily hurrying from one necklace to the next like in the past. I understand now that what I did before, by hurrying from one extreme to the next, I could never get down to the base of an idea, could never really get my teeth into it, never exploit it completely and thus never getting the full essence out of it. I am so glad that I discovered this new way of working.