Showcase – Shape

Kathleen Dustin - Fragment Necklace

Studied accident

It's impossible to look at this piece without thinking of its components as found fragments of a painting now lost and which the mind busily tries to reconstruct. On first appearance the shapes seem to have been cut in a slapdash way to look like broken bits. But on analysis, each shape is carefully designed in its relationship to the collective to create an asymmetrical composition re-enforcing the message of accidentalness

Tory Hughes - Silver Sky and Earth Brooch

Prime real-estate

A brooch offers concentrated space to tell a story. Tory makes sure she puts every bit of real estate to work to communicate her intent. Without the scalloped edges, the landscape in this brooch would look static. Instead the curves in the frame echo the shapes of the pattern inside the piece, adding movement and life.

Maggie Maggio - Landscape Pendant

Clever balance

Lines do not have to be deliberately drawn on a surface but can emerge from boundaries. Here we have boundaries going in two directions: the uneven horizontal lines of this landscape and the vertical hard edged-lines of the inlay – perhaps fracture lines.

Sandra Mccaw - Floating Leaves Necklace - Niche Awards 2012

Fluid Movement

The sense of movement conveyed is immediate. The artist has chosen simple leaf-shapes to express her theme. The shapes have been designed individually so that, when placed together, their outlines create the rhythm which evokes this movement. Also, they have been designed to interlock loosely, adding fluidity.

La Sagrada- Untitled

Arrested instability

With its uneven texturing and the seemingly “any-which-way” orientation of its components, the piece projects a spontaneous exuberance. This message is re-enforced by the casual shapes – four ovals and a circle. It is the collective arrangement of these shapes that brings the message home: the ovals seem to have stopped moving at the moment, balanced precariously on the unpredictable circle – it could move either way, itself dependent on the oval below.